Swimming their nuts off to make a difference!

2 December 2018

Last year there were 4 ballsy swimmers. This year they are already 7 men and 4 women who will swim 7.5 km from Robben Island to Big Bay in the ice cold atlantic waters to raise awareness for testicular cancer and funds for educational goodie bags. Like to join them? Like to support them?
You can join and/or support their fundraisers listed under this #loveyournuts campaign. If you are a keen swimmer and like to join or do similar nutty distances feel free to create your own gundraiser or contact us at talkballs@love-your-nuts.com


Love your Nuts Goodie bags

How your R 150 (value of one bag) or part thereof can save a life:
Every student receives a branded goodie bag with the following content: information on cancer in general, flyer on how to check your nuts, peak cap, stress balls (the students must give them to their dads because they are at risk too).

We visit schools to educate the students in a humorous way about the risks of cancer and that early detection is lifesaving. The visit includes our cancer school programme with the stage play "Nuts about you!" (optional).

Sponsor a goodie bag for a child
Individuals or companies are welcome to make a difference in the life of a child.

If your company sponsors goodie bags you are welcome to add your advertising material to the bags. Company owners please contact us to request your tax exemption S18A certificate for your donation.

For online donations please click here.
For EFT contributions:
Account: Love Your Nuts Foundation Trust
Account Number: 62744805328
Branch Code: 210651
Branch name: Portside
Bank: First National Bank
Account Type: Cheque

Please use the following reference: Islandswim/yourName and mail your proof of payment to talkballs@love-your-nuts.com


Thank you for making a difference in someone else's life.

If you think this is fantesticle what these guys are doing you are welcome to contact me if you like to get involved too. I'm open to any nutty and/or ballsy idea!
Have a fantesticle day