Partners - Thank you for your support!

We are proud to be an official charity of the Cape Town Maration!
#challengeyourself and join us on our ballsy awareness 42km! Raise warewess for testicular cancer and funds for Love Your Nuts. Join the Nuts Team and be part of the fun!

For more information visit the Cape Town Marathon website

Beer, Bikes and Bike Nuts - how fantesticle is that?!
The fifth Darling Brew Extreme will be hosted in Darling on Saturday, 26 May 2018. The race will start and finish at Darling Brewery. The Brewery offers riders and spectators a relaxed ambiance with family friendly surroundings. And we will be there to raise awareness for testicular cancer. Get your bike nuts under your seat - great safety device and you support a fantesticle cause!

For more information visit the Darling Brew website.

Nuts and Speedos – nothing more needed to raise awareness for testicular cancer!
“Love your Nuts” is proud to the Daredevil run from its first run in Cape Town. In a humorous way we raise awareness about a serious topic. It is the best way to get men’s attention: talking balls and saving lives! Testicular cancer education in a nutshell!

For more information visit the Daredevil Run website.

Many things in life are worth protecting! Of those your health and IP are just two!

For more information visit the GERNTHOLTZ website.

Don't we all love nuts?!
WeCare is the business philosophy that forms the foundation of the Montagu Dried Fruit and Nuts core values. It is what we live every day and what will flavour how we do business.

For more information visit the Montagu Dried Fruits & Nuts website.

We are proud to be an official charity of Mr South Africa!
"The reason why I chose you as one of my initiatives is because I believe my contestants should not only focus on people around them but also take a stand against something that could happen to them." JP Robberts - CEO of Mr. South Africa
Watch this space how ballsy these men can get!

For more information visit Mr South Africa website.

With old cars (25 years and older) on non-tarred roads for 1450km they simulate a cancer journey ... it’s tough, it’s exhausting, full of obstacles and challenges! And you need buddy support!

For more information visit here.

Passionate about law and committed to quality of service.
The power to question is the basis of all human progress.

For more information visit the Springer & Nel website.

24 hours of sheer cycling pleasure!
Cycling causes testicular cancer – it is a myth!
There is no scientific proof that there is a connection hence the fantesticle partnership with Love Your Nuts. Keep on cycling! Whether you’re a weekend cyclist or a pro, be ballsy get onto your bike and embark on the first ever 24 hour road cycle race in Africa!

For more information visit strada24

Medical Thermal Imaging is now another weapon in the arsenal in early detection of testicular health issues. Unlike other screening methods Medical Infrared Thermal Imaging scans for physiological changes in the body that can alert your health care provider of changing health conditions.

With Medical Infrared Thermal Imaging there is no radiation and is safe and non-invasive. The procedure takes only 5 minutes.

Three to four images are taken of the penis and testicles where after the images are sent to  specialist doctors to analyse the images and write a report. The report and images are sent back to the patient via e-mail.

Branches in: Centurion, Johannesburg, Mokopane, Durban, Vaal Triangle and Windhoek (Namibia)

Contact us at for a voucher at any of the above branches.

urban espresso is a boutique PR agency with a passion for doing PR, differently. They are also advocates for driving awareness of early detection, and kicking cancer in the nuts.

For more information visit the urban espresso website

Losing a ball is tough enough - don't lose your fertility along with it. Wijnland Fertility Clinic specializes in offering fertility preservation options (sperm freezing) to cancer patients who need to undergo cancer treatments that can cause infertility. Speak to us before you start your cancer treatment to understand your options. You might have to go ball-less, but not childless.

For more information visit the Wijnlanden Fertility website