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Auto Atlantic MINI proudly supports and branded the ONE NUT MINI (FYI car registration is ONE NUT - WP) that drives his nuts off for testicular cancer awareness.

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If you heard it through the Grapevine… yes, it is true!
After a run through the vineyards, Olive Groves and Cloof’s private Nature Reserve, you can enjoy some delicious food and a wine tasting on the picturesque lawns of the Estate.
Cloof Wine Estate choose LYN to be their preferred charity and this will be an annual event. Thank you! This is so fantesticle! Watch this space on how they get more and more ballsy!

For more information visit the Cloof Wine Estate website

Nuts and Speedos – nothing more needed to raise awareness for testicular cancer!
“Love your Nuts” is proud to the Daredevil run from its first run in Cape Town. In a humorous way we raise awareness about a serious topic. It is the best way to get men’s attention: talking balls and saving lives! Testicular cancer education in a nutshell!

For more information visit the Daredevil Run website.

Many things in life are worth protecting! Of those your health and IP are just two!

For more information visit the GERNTHOLTZ website.

With old cars (25 years and older) on non-tarred roads for 1450km they simulate a cancer journey ... it’s tough, it’s exhausting, full of obstacles and challenges! And you need buddy support!

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Passionate about law and committed to quality of service.
The power to question is the basis of all human progress.

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urban espresso is a boutique PR agency with a passion for doing PR, differently. They are also advocates for driving awareness of early detection, and kicking cancer in the nuts.

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