Rolling a huge Nut from School to School

A nut (180cm diameter/inflatable) will be rolled from school to school to raise awareness for (testicular) cancer. At each school will be (hopefully) a survivor from that town/city willing to talk to the students about his/her cancer experience. Student should see/learn that people survive this disease and are not afflicted with a plague called witch or demon.
Once done at one school the ball will be rolled to the next school. Students should roll the ball from school to school to get them “physically” involved in cancer awareness. Hopefully this will be a memory for lifetime. This project should highlight the importance – for teachers, students and parents – of the cancer school programm.
Depending on funding the ball will be rolling nationwide.

On top of that a nut will be visible at every event, info or motivational talk at schools, sport clubs, company events, etc.

If you/your company would like to get involved and support health issues in South Africa AND help us educating the young generations about cancer, feel free to contact us.