Nuts & Bolts Rally

Welcome to the Nuts & Bolts Rally. During the last couple of years we have become a family and formed lasting friendships. We are sure that you will fit right in, as we live by the words of Jack Kerouac:

“Here's to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They're not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can't do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

The Nuts & Bolts Rally is about FUN. Get your hands dirty and spend time away from civilization. It is for those people that crave something different, who lives for adventure and sharing memorable experiences with friends. Take the challenge and raise money for our charity – the “Love your Nuts” project.
However, we need to attain to certain rules to ensure the FUN element.

Nuts & Bolt Rally

2014 Rally: 30 guys in 14 cars drove 1450 km and raised R 21 000
2015 Rally: 100 guys in 40 cars drove 1450 km and raised R 65 000

How does it work?

The Car!

  • The car must be pre 1985. (Preferably with character and not the norm)
  • It must be as cheap as possible and roadworthy (The idea is to ride a jalopy)
  • It must run not run away (big engines and performance do not impress us)
  • It must be pimped and themed so that it can stand out (Assessories, stickers, or painted)
  • It must have a braai grid (the urge to braai could happen at anytime and anyplace)
  • You need to drive a jalopy to make the rally tougher. It's no fun if it's too easy. If you want easy go for a spa weekend.
  • With a jalopy, you're chances of breaking down is good, so you're more likely to interact with the other participants and locals.

The Team!

  • A spirit of adventure
  • Willing to “rough-it”

The Dates 2017!

  • First Rally: 17-20 March 2017 (4 days – 20th the evening is prize-giving, head back home on the public holiday)
  • Second Rally: Parys to Dekar Date to be confirmed, either 1 May or 16 June. (Only 4x4 and motorcycles– Vehicles must be roadworthy and registered to cross the border)
  • Third Rally: 21-24 September 2017 (4 days – 24th the evening is prize-giving, head back home on the public holiday)
  • Fourth Rally: 4-7 October 2017 (Same route as September. 4 days – 7th the evening is prize-giving, head back home on the 8th October)

The Trip!

  • You will have to put in 3 days leave – believe me, it’s worth it! You will have to spend a day at home to recover!
  • The Route will be kept under covers until a few days before the time. We normally cover over a 1000km. (It’s not a race and the whole idea is to explore. No need to prep before the time.)
  • Entry fee is R1500 per person and covers your accommodation (camping), supper every night and a goodie bag that you will receive prior to the event. (Goodie bag consist of gifts, promotional items, cap and T-shirt)
  • We do not have back-up (We have never needed it – everyone helps each other)

The Charity!

  • All money raised will go the  Love-Your-Nuts Testicular Cancer Awareness NGO.
  • All money for cancer must be paid to Love Your Nuts.  Entry fees must be paid to Mooncloud29 (PTY)LTD.
  • If your team raises R4000 or more, then they will receive R2000 back towards your petrol bill. 
  • You will have until (date to be announced) to raise as much money as possible.
  • NB:  When paying in your sponsor money, you need to use your car number as a reference. If you require a tax invoice for the company you must e-mail Torsten (CEO of Love Your Nuts) with the Company’s name, Registration number and address.


Q             Is there a limit on entries?
A             Yes, unfortunately we have to put a cap on it. We can accommodate up 100 people.  Accommodation for large crowds on the route has deemed to be a problem. 

Q             When must the entry fee be paid?
A             ASAP – to ensure you place on the rally.

Q             Can I book now and pay later?
A             Unfortunately not. Bookings must be made and paid beforehand. Accommodation and meals need to be booked. Other logistics like stickers and goodie bags need to be paid, in order to deliver them on time.

Q             Are ladies welcome?
A             Yes, of course! Anyone is welcome, we do not discriminate against gender, race or believes.

Q             What if we get lost?
A             Buy a map or ask a local – you might just make a new friend! We could tell you everything you need to know about all the towns and roads to ensure you have a safe, uncomplicated journey. But if it's not dangerous and you aren't lost, you're not on an adventure.

Q             What if the car breaks down?
A             What if it doesn’t?

Q             Will there be Wifi and cell phone reception?
A             No

Q             Can we use a GPS?
A             Why would you want to? The idea is to rely on your instincts and move away from modern technology.  Spend time around the fire chatting – not chatting on your phone.

Q             What if something goes wrong?
A             If nothing goes wrong, everything has gone wrong. Bollocks to tarmac, ABS and gadgets that help you find your navel. The Nuts & Bolts Rally is about getting lost, using your long neglected wits, raising shedloads of cash for charity and scraping into the finish line with your vehicle in tatters and a wild grin smeared across your grubby face.  Neither you nor your car will ever be the same again.

Q             What if I miss a part of the rally?
A             Our entries open almost 7 months prior to the rally. Book your leave now! You might just miss out on that wtf moment.  (ftf - what the frikkadel)

Q             Can I win something?
A             Yes. Over-all winner, Best dressed, Most money raised, Worst luck. (These prizes will be determined by means of a ballade vote taken by all participants, except for the most money raised of course)

Q             If I can’t go, will my money be refunded or transferred to the next year?

A             Cancelations made before (date to be announced), can receive 50% back. After (date to be announced) unfortunately no money will be refunded. Money cannot be transferred to the next year.


Pieter Andersen
Cell: 083 9568 685