Nuts for Cloof - trail runs on Cloof Wine Estate

6 May 2018

If you heard it through the Grapevine … yes, it is true! You can run your nuts off for testicular cancer awareness at Cloof Wine Estate.
Yes, Cloof Wine Estate – THE ones that host the annual “Rocking the Daisies”, Africa’s largest Music and Camping Festival. Cloof have the balls to go big! We are nuts enough to help make this happen!

After a run through the vineyards, Olive Groves and Cloof’s private Nature Reserve, you can enjoy some delicious food and a wine tasting on the picturesque lawns of the Estate. Get info on testicular cancer at our stand and join the Nuts Team by becoming an activist on out GivenGain page!

Cloof donates your entrance fee to LYN, so all you nutty guys (and girls!) please enter the run. This will be on 6th May 2017. Trail running distances will be 5km, 10km and 17km. Watch this space for details!

It’s funtesticle.
It’s awareness and you can save a child’s life. This is where your money goes to.

Cloof Wine Estate choose LYN to be their preferred charity and this will be an annual event. This is so fantesticle! Watch this space on how they get more and more ballsy! Thank you!