Running your Nuts off - Funds for educational Nuts

Testis Awareness Model
How does a testicular cancer lump feel like? Most probably the question I heard the most in the past 20 years.
A full size realistic model of the scrotum and testes, made from a very lifelike plastic. The testes are mobile within the scrotum and there are embedded tumours.
When I received the first of these models it was flashbacks in time cause the lumps feels so real. They are the best teaching material at my talks and on parties the best way to get a serious message in a humorous way across.
Each of them cost R 2000. Expensive! Yes you are right. Yes they have to be imported (and with the current situation of the South African Rand quite an expensive investment) BUT if it saves just one life it’s worth every cent!
Jamo running his nuts off
Jamo Davis would like to raise awareness for testicular cancer and funds for these models. He will be running different marathons in “Love your nuts” speedo.
His aim is to raise R 10 000 – 5 sets of educational nuts.
If you like to support Jamo cause he is running his nuts off for a good cause please deposit your donation with the reference jamo/yourname into the following account:
Account Name: People Living With Cancer – Love Your Nuts
Account Number: 62514734137
Branch Code: 200909
Branch: Century City
Bank: FNB
Account Type: Cheque
Please send proof of payment to