Vale to View Tour 2018
Cycling their nuts off for testicular cancer awareness


14 cyclist saving one nut at a time!

A bunch of nutty cyclists will again (they did it in 2016 too) take up the challenge of cycling ± 720 km from Edenvale to Durban in August 2018 to raise awareness of testicular cancer. The down ride as an elevation of 7800m over a period of 5 days.
Besides raising awareness the cyclists raise fund too. See their fundraiser pages here and read why they are doing this. Your contribution is appreciated. We educate a child for R30 about cancer. Knowledge is the best weapon against cancer!

Currently we have 14 nutty cyclists who signed up already. Yes! ... There are nutty women too! Are you keen to join? Please contact us.

Saturday, 4 August  – Wednesday, 8 August 2018
Yes the tour ends a day before the public holiday (Thursday, 9 August - National Womens Day). A good reason to join the race and meet your family in Durban for the long weekend. #justsaying!



The Route - estimate of 720 km

August 2018

The Route
Day 1: Edenvale to Oranjeville
Day 2: Oranjeville to Bethlehem
Day 3: Bethlehem to Bergville
Day 4: Bergville to Howick
Day 5: Howick to Durban


Become a partner and save a childs life.

Enroute the cyclists will raise awareness. At the towns where we stop we will give educational talks at local schools to raise awareness and educate about cancer. Knowledge is the best weapon against cancer!

Funds raised for "Love your Nuts" will be used for educational purposes. eg. the cancer school programme, educational stage play and/or to provide every student with a goodie bag at the schools. The goodie bag will include information and flyers on cancer in general. Corporates that like to support this initiative are welcome to add their advertising material or co-brand the bag.

Love your Nuts project is a registered NPO. We gladly issue you/your company a C18a Certificate/Tax letter for your donation.

If you think this nutty challenge is fantesticle please get in touch. We will find a way to collaborate and accommodate mutual interests.