Build & Rebuild

Carl Mason - A Bit About Me
I was 26, newly married, operating a successful landscape company and creating my "dream" life when I fell ill to cancer. It was one of the biggest shocks of my life and was a reality that would turn my life upside down. Cancer wouldn't define me though... I would define it. In my 5 year battle, I insisted on finding life through cancer and I did. Nutrition and fitness became my weapons and 20 cancer free years later they remain my mission. Fighting cancer with the tools nutrition and fitness is my passion whether as exclusive means or in collaboration with other healing methods. I simply believe that authentic nutrition and physical activity are crucial to a successful journey with cancer and my passion is to guide you in the same success I found for an abundant life in spite of this threat called cancer.

My Mission

Cancer, in any form, demands attention. We all know that attention as chemotherapy, radiation and any number of other forms of pills, tests, scans, scopes...but there is more to do than those... There are other ways to address this assault on your health.

As I discovered, in my journey, and has since been shown increasingly beneficial responses, nutrition and physical activity/vitality are not only often fault in the diagnosis but, if properly attended, can become part of the healing itself if not, as for me, the very cure. Even when not the cure, they most certainly have a positive effect on the journey, making it all the more bearable, making life far more livable and viable in the process.

My mission, is to show you how. I seek to guide you through this journey using nutrition and fitness as tools for your best life and very possibly your healing. And that occurs in a few methods.


I like to begin with a 3 day food journal! An honest journal... All the sips, bites, gulps and indulgences included. There is no shame, no judgement, no guilt. We just need a candid platform from which to begin the journey.

Once that journal is available, we meet for an hour, chat, and see what, why and how and begin to build a plan of action for what will ultimately be a lifestyle change... The degree of which is up to you!

For those actively battling cancer, I suggest weekly, at least biweekly, meetings and reviews... Each lasting an hour so we can respond in real time to the evolution of the disease and the healing process.

No stone of authentic nutrition will be unturned in the journey. What you will discover about modern nutrition will be, at times shocking, enlightening and at the same time extraordinarily simple, logical and always authentic.


Once I regained my health, basically cancer free and generally recovered from chemotherapy and radiation, I realized just how devastated my body was left. So I set out to rebuild my physical body, hoping to get back to the youthful, energetic man I had been.

I'll never forget though. At the time, I couldn't even carry my groceries in from the care without extreme pain. As I looked at those first weights, I could feel the pain about to ensue and it scared me. Still, I persisted and with the "wimpiest" weights around, 2 pound/1kg Dumbbells, I began. It was weeks before that would be repeated as the pain was unforgettable.

I didn't stop though. I had a goal and I was determined.

Looking back now, I tend to chuckle... I mean 1kg...Seriously?  That was my starting position on this journey though and I have no regrets! It's taken time, been slower for me than for others without my health challenges and now my age factor, but I built a body that far surpasses the one before in many ways. Do I want even more? Sure. But it's the journey that carries me forward... Simply knowing that I did, do and will still defy those odds that once stood against me.

The moral is, cancer and treatment may break you... A lot. You don't have to stay there though. It's a choice to be and remain broken.

Twenty years cancer free and the strongest and most fit of my life at 49 with the best still to come can be you. It should be you! And I'll happily take you there.

Let's train. Let's build, rebuild and surpass all that has come before this intrusion into your body and life. In 1-1 personal training sessions or in like minded small group classes, we can succeed for your best life.
Get started today and truly live your best life. Rebuilt if it must be but vital, alive and thriving nonetheless!

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