Torsten's Cancer Journey

“You have won, you live and you love. You are showing everybody how valuable they are and how fantastic life can be.” --- These are the words of a reader of Torsten Koehler’s book after the presentation of his work in his home country, Namibia.

In his thirties Torsten discovered a change in his testicles. He was worried and went to the doctor. Diagnosis: cancer

He was lucky since he could be operated right away. After receiving chemotherapy, he was saved from death. Yet then the real fight for life started: he lost his zest for living and, fell into deep depression – a typical reaction for cancer patients. The cancer had upset his positive equilibrium.

However, Torsten Koehler, who was working as deputy principal at government school, sought an alternative method of dealing with his problems: he gave up all secure living and started off on a long journey – around the world and back to himself. He spent two years on this endeavour. At the same time he undertook an intensive, spiritual examination of the eternal question concerning Life and Death. For him that was the most decisive step on the way to healing.

In a humorous and sensitive manner, Torsten Koehler depicts his fate with a lively, succinct inflection. He recounts how he discovered the cancer and why he brought his sperm cells to the sperm bank in Cape Town. He deals openly with his thoughts and emotions, relates the reactions of his friends, family and not least, his students, who confronted him without reserve and in doing so, gave him enormous help. (Rohnstock-Biografien, Berlin, Germany)

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