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We believe that no men would die of testicular cancer* if they knew about this young man’s cancer.
If we can reach all boys/men in an early stage in their lives they will be saved because knowledge and early detection is the best weapon against cancer!


The goal of Love Your Nuts is to raise awareness of testicular cancer by educating communities about the “rarely spoken about” cancer that often remains undetected in young adults due to our diverse society in South Africa, where cultural taboos, stigmas and a lack of knowledge about the subject is plentiful.

Boys/men die for the following 2 reasons:

  1. During puberty the body changes. Boys feel these lumps but think it is part of growing up. So they think it will go away again. If they knew that it could be cancer their lives could have been saved!
  2. Men feel the lumps but find it too embarrassing to go to the doctor. If they knew that it could be cancer their lives could have been saved.

The survival rate is higher for men diagnosed with early-stage cancer and lower for men with later-stage cancer. For men with cancer that has not spread beyond the testicles (Stage 1), the survival rate is 99%. Approximately 68% of men are diagnosed at this stage.
For men with cancer that has spread to the lymph nodes in the back of the abdomen, called the retroperitoneal lymph nodes, the survival rate is about 96%. But, this depends on the size of the lymph nodes with cancer. For men with cancer that has spread outside the testicles to areas beyond the retroperitoneal lymph nodes, the survival rate is 73%. About 11% of testicular cancer is diagnosed at this stage.
(Statistics adapted from the American Cancer Society's publication, Cancer Facts & Figures 2017: Special Section – Rare Cancers in Adults, and the National Cancer Institute Surveillance Epidemiology and End Results (SEER) database.)

Love your Nuts in a Nutshell

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Torsten Koehler

The founder of the Love Your Nuts Foundation was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 1995 whilst educating young teenagers about ‘sex education’ at a school and being in his early thirties himself.  His journey of survival started by openly confronting in his book his thoughts and emotions, relate the reactions of his friends, family and not least, his students, who provoked him without reserve and in doing so, gave him enormous help and hope.  His book “Love your nuts” was published internationally in 2011 in English (German version was published in Germany in 2004 already).  "He has won, he lives and he loves. He is showing everybody how valuable they are and how fantastic life can be" (a reader's words) and therefore has a passion for this campaign.