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Be part of the Cape Town Marathon Nuts Team

The following package deals are available:

42.2km Marathon: Raise more than R 750 and get an entry, vest and speedo*.
10km Peace Run: Raise more than R 600 and get an entry, vest and speedo*.
Deal is available until 31 August 2018 or once voucher limit reached.
*I know not everyone like to run in a speedo. You are welcome to raise awareness in your running shorts too.

How to pay:

You pay for your entry via your Givengain project that you create. The steps to create your project are explained in the next paragraph "How to enter". No banking details needed. No EFTs. To register with GivenGain is for free.
There are two option to pay for your entry. Either you "fund yourself" and pay in the amount or you share your project link with friends, family and colleagues via e-mail and social media, asking them for donations. So with a little bit of effort your entry and the merchandise can be for free. And you are supporting a fantesticle cause!

How to enter:

  1. Open this link on the GivenGain website.
  2. On the event page, click on “Start fundraising” to register a fundraising project with your Facebook login details or an e-mail address. (if you don't have a GivenGain profile it will take you a page to create one first)
  3. When logged in, click on “Select” next to "Love Your Nuts foundation" in the list of charities.
  4. Complete the project steps, adding a video, photo or both and providing information about your project eg. why are you running for this cause? (Check out the other project to get ideas)
  5. Set a realistic fundraising goal – you can always change it later.
  6. Set the date when your project ends weeks after the marathon. Chances are that people donating after the event because they saw and article or heard about it later.
  7. Share your fundraising project link with friends, family and colleagues via e-mail and social media, asking them for donations.
  8. Download the fundraiser guide for Cape Town Marathon here. It includes tips on how to get people to donate for your project. All funds raised will go to Love Your Nuts, even if you don’t reach your fundraising goal.

On another nut: For those who are NOT doing the Cape Town marathon/peace run but want to join the Nuts Team anywhere in the world here is the link to the running campaign and cycling campaign where you can register. Download the GivenGain fundraiser guide here.

What we do with the funds you've raised:

LYN Goodie bag – a bag that can save a child’s life

Testicular cancer is most common between 15 and 40 and we target this age group.
We visit schools to educate the students in a humorous way about the risks of cancer and that early detection is lifesaving. We launch the cancer school programme with a educational/motivational talk by a survivor at the school.
Every student receives a branded goodie bag with the following content:

  • information on cancer in general,
  • flyer on how to check your nuts,
  • information on cancer for men and women,
  • a peak cap,
  • stress balls (the students must give them to their dads because they are at risk too).
  • If the goodie bag is sponsored by a company they can add their advertising material too.

A humorous and lifesaving way to reach the community through their connection to a school. One goodie bag is likely to reach more than 7 people because of the current household situation in South Africa.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
Thanks for your fantesticle support!
Testicular cancer survivor, CEO & Founder